11th December Club Run Report

Four met up at Merstham, Trevor, Dave Elliot, myself and Mick Ayliffe, who found it too cold and decided to make his way back home.  We rode out by the usual route to Tilburstow, picking up Paul White on the way, where we partook in the downhill contest which I am glad to say that I won again.  Paul’s pathetic excuse was wobbly arms.  Trevor decided to change the position of his hands which cost him precious footage and Dave, despite eating five fried breakfast’s, came up short.  A rider from another club rode it independently (nothing to do with the Clarecourt) and made a great advertisement for cycling out of his attempt: cutting a corner and freewheeling up the wrong side of the road with three cars behind.  Real class that.

After the presentation was made to me: blown raspberries and  rude hand gestures, we made our way via the old and new A22 to Miles Lane, then onto Tandridge Lane and Ray Lane to the A22 again.  A short ride south then into the lanes to Smallfield, stopping to show Paul the miniature railway in a garden along the way.  We rode on to Redhill Aerodrome where  tea and cake was taken in the magnificent cafe there. It was decided that it would become one of our regular stops on club runs.

We left satisfied to tackle the short sharp climb of Fullers Wood Lane where we parted company: Paul to Rabies Heath and his car; Trevor and Dave to Redhill for some reason or another whilst I made my way home.

A great ride on a beautiful morning which represented everything that a good club run should be.  Thank you to Trevor, Dave and Paul for a smashing ride.

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